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Sumba Cultures and People

Sumba Cultures and People

Most of people in Sumba have strong believe and still doing traditional rituals the same way as their ancestors did a long time ago.

For example the funerary rituals in Sumba culture still exist today. In that ritual, huge blocks of stone are cut and dragged great distances to the mortuary ground to construct mausoleums for the rich and the nobility. An average sized stone can weigh in the range of six tons and larger stones weigh more than twenty. Literally hundreds of water buffalo, horses, pigs and dogs were slaughtered to accompany the departed soul to the afterlife.

The core principle of the traditional Sumba religion is to maintain a ballance of peaceful and fruitful relationship with the Marapu, the ancestral spirits.

And during all Sumba ritual ceremonies, they provide the ancestors with food and wealth. In exchange, the living expect increased fertility and prosperity.